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((XBASE++)+(eXPress++))= 32 bitsCLIPPER FOR WINDOWS

In this page you will find something that you finally can call CLIPPER FOR WINDOWS.

XBASE++ is a 32-bit compiler 100% compatible with Clipper.
It was designed to solve the problems of clipperheads who were not suscessfull trying to migrate for programs like VB and many others "VISUAL LANGUAGES".
And do not fell alone,we are millions all over the world.

Clipper is a trade mark of CA-Computer Associates.

Alaska not only produces XBASE++,but many other products that you can find at

All them with Clipperheads in mind.
Alaska is bringing high techonology to the "CLIPPERHEADS WORLD".

EXPRESS++ is the ADD-ON that reached the most alike Clipper syntax.

Let me give you an example:

@ 10,05 dcsay "Type your code:" Get varcod pict "999" Valid yourfunction(varcod)

Is it clipper for you?

And the results are equal for those of any other "VISUAL LANGUAGE".

There is one page in the Internet Where you can find more details and tips.
EXPRESS++ screen shots,Multiedit and everything you need to move your CLIPPER aplications to the windows world with security and high performance.

But, Although XBASE++(pure) was 100% compatible in dos mode,It was very dificult to understand in GUI mode,especially for those who were not Object monsters
It means 90%).

It opened the door for some third part products,or ADD-ONS if you prefer to call this way.